It is the pledge of Echo Valley Hope to stand for peace and to support all who seek to live with dignity and respect for the Earth and her People. We will not remain silent in the face of oppression and hatred. We choose to engage in the ways of the living. We choose cooperation and co-creation will all life. We choose peace.

We recognize the implicit need of each individual to have dignity and peace. We acknowledge the capability of the Earth to provide clean air, food, and water to all; and we understand the sharing of these to be a sacred human right. We champion voices and efforts that reflect these understandings, as we know that our unity is our strength.

We do this in full awareness of the possibility of peace – inside and out – and are honored to stand with people throughout the world who are calling for an end to the inhumanity that has stifled our voices and efforts to that end.

Image Credit: Noho