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Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts to be at Oceti Sakowin Camp.

We were able to supply four winter tents with stoves, wood, food, and all of the donated warm clothes, blankets, and sleeping bags that you offered. We will return to report on the trials and to witness the ongoing efforts to reclaim sovereignty over water and treaty rights, as well as to help with clean-up before spring thaw. We will continue to offer updates on Echo Valley Hope's Facebook page and on Let Kindness Win.

Thank you again for your support and for sharing the information we provided in order to offset the media’s (continued) lack of coverage of the struggle to protect water. 

We are working towards creating a listing on our website of all pipeline activities in North America, the resistance to them, and their statuses. If you are interested in helping with that project, let us know.

Thank you.

What has been achieved in the last decade? The possibility of peace is being made available. With the focus of cultivating personal peace first, many are realizing the possibility of peace in our families, in our communities and in our world. Echo Valley Hope connects with individuals and organizations in the state, region and internationally who share this conviction. We celebrate these efforts on this website, on Facebook, and with our monthly newsletter which you can read and learn about upcoming events.

I have participated in peacemaking activities sponsored by Echo Valley Hope several times over the last few years. I am very grateful for the opportunity to hear people from all backgrounds share their individual and communal journeys toward living peacefully and nonviolently. We are indeed "One". These gatherings are inspiring and motivational!
— Barbara Martinez, Pax Christi, Viroqua, WI
Echo Valley Hope recognizes that peace and sustainable living go hand in hand. Our commitment to stewardship raises the awareness of life on this beautiful planet. We have supported and will continue to support actions to end misuse of resources and degradation of indigenous people's land and ways of life. We do this by direct action, by financial support and by facilitating the opportunity to learn sustainable practices.

The vision we hold is not new. It is a human need to have peace and it is a human right to have access to clean water, good food and shelter. At Echo Valley Hope, we find ways to champion these ideals, to bring people together, to encourage creative thinking, and to bring hope. Your financial support will allow us to continue. Monthly donations of $5, $10, $15, $25 or more are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has given to this effort as volunteers and to those who contribute financially. Please invite your friends to co-create with us. It is our time; let kindness win.

Warm Regards,
The Board of Echo Valley Hope

Echo Valley Hope has supported my community by sharing our cultural traditions. When I visit each year, it is my home; we share meals and help one another. I love that! I want to visit each year I come to the United States.
— Fode Camara, teacher with Motherland Rhythm Community and Project Manager of the Benkadi Project, Guinea, West Africa
Echo Valley Hope offers sanctuary and vision in finding our way through this troubled world. It reminds us of the truths that make up the fiber of our humanity, and gives us the opportunity to embody them fully. For me, Echo Valley Hope is a touchstone of sanity in a culture desperately in need of peace, loving kindness, and respect.
Rivera Sun, activist and author of The Dandelion Insurrection, Taos, NM