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Echo Valley Hope is an educational and charitable 501(c)3 raising the voice of peace and sustainable living. Echo Valley Hope’s mission is to support the well-being of all people and the earth through educational events and collaborations with like-minded organizations. All who advance kindness, innovative and just actions and ideas are welcomed.

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2016 Peace Initiatives

How do we make peace?
Any way we can.

We acknowledge the very real possibility of peace and believe that the effort required is a simple one. We believe each and every one of us holds that possibility within us. Our effort are promoting communication among people, celebrating diversity and supporting our humanity through events and educational gatherings. By raising the voice of peace we seek to diminish injustice and hate.

In 2016, Echo Valley Hope will proudly support Peace Week Milwaukee. This will be an opportunity for all peace and sustainability organizations to celebrate and to raise the voice of peace. Follow Peace Week Milwaukee on Facebook

Currently and throughout 2016, Echo Valley Hope will offer the Peace Education Program of TPRF. We are also in touch with teams in Milwaukee and Madison facilitating this program, and pleased to announce the PEP is now available in closed caption. Contact us if your community is interested in hosting this ten week class of one hour sessions in personal peace.

Echo Valley Hope will continue to offer time for people to gather together at Echo Valley Farm. We celebrate, learn from, break bread with and support one another. We plant seeds of action. The conversations are guided by the participants present at the gatherings. Our 2016 schedule is coming soon.

Drop In To Life is a monthly drop in center for teens in the La Farge / Brookwood school districts. The Drop Ins will begin in 2016 and will give teens and local mentors a chance to meet and explore interests in a variety of fields. More on this as it develops.

We believe our relationship to the earth is primary to our humanity. We support efforts to protect the earth and ally with organizations promoting protection and peaceful reclamation. You can read our Environmental Stewardship Pledge here.

Echo Valley Hope offers free classes in sustainable living at Echo Valley Farm. Click here to see the wide range of offerings and for the upcoming schedule.

Local people are invited to work a parcel of land as a community garden. Gardeners can grow food for their families and share the harvest with others. Contact us if you are interested in a 2016 community garden project.

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In Appreciation,
The Board of Echo Valley Hope

Cassi Effing, Indianapolis, IN
Dena Eakles, Ontario, WI
Eduardo Del Signore, Los Angeles, CA
Joyce Firestone, Miami, FL
Kathy Dancy, McCullom Lake, IL
Lauren West, Ontario, WI
Meg Novick, Albuquerque, NM
Melissa Gordon Rhine, Atlanta, GA
Jeff Phelps, Houston, TX